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We inform, empower and transform your organization's ability to understand your business and to protect your most critical assets to a wide range of threats.

Our Services


We at 6S Global can help and support your business with that protocol, and provide services to help you achieve compliance. Compliance is the protocol which ensures businesses follow all the necessary laws and regulations applicable to their activities.


6S Global can provide enterprise network designs and IT policies to ensure your network is well managed and secure. We can take that to another level and provide Cyber services.

Asset Management

AIPO is our term for managing Assets such as People or cars in and out of areas such as a carpark. As part of our core processes we offer consultancy for parking management which has now expanded into full turnkey solutions as our customers often ask us to deliver everything.  


We provide cloud-based and local software tools to help organisations manage and protect their business. 6S Global provides software packages from COMPaaS and Darktrace, either cloud-based or locally installed. As well as providing the applications we also offer ongoing maintenance and ongoing servicing to offer a complete service.

Business Systems

6S Global can provide the tools and support to make sure companies are aware of potential problems and how they can be best managed. Providing useful visualisation of data and ensuring any projects are managed and tracked.

Security Consultancy

We take organisations through the whole process. From a basic concept or a request to deliver a full review of a company security stature and provide support for the design, delivery, management and witness testing, or whatever is needed.

DOES YOUR ORGANISATION PASS THE TEST? Challenging the Norms for Business Excellence

About Us

6S Global have over 25 years accredited experience in the Security, Business and Data Intelligence Industry. 

Committed to challenging the status quo of data management systems. We take a systematic approach to protect your physical and digital assets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

6S Global are Business, Physical and Information security specialists, offering a range of services to support business processes in companies such as Data Protection, Business continuity, compliance, and Risk management.  Using or Atom process along with our 11, 7, 4 controls allows us to expand, review and present any potential issues in a simple gap analysis report. 

We use our A.T.O.M process to help large organisations – governing bodies, local authories, survellience companies. 

If you are handling data, whether digital or physical then YES! We recommend companies are continually monitoring and optimising security processes and we can help you get started. 

Getting Steve Wilkinson to join the team.  Steve taught at Henley and some of the staff at the ICO, he was involved with some aspects of the Data Protection Act 2018 and written policies for Government departments.  Not forgetting his involvement with Cambridge Analytica.  He is like an Encyclopaedia on steroids and covers a wide range of compliance such as Environmental, information security and lots more.  He is our Compliance officer now and oversees all our compliance processes.

What defines us is our commitment to improve everything we do.  The way we approach security has changed over the years.  Companies are now starting to look toward Security Convergence, viewing Physical and information security but still a lot of companies and individuals only view one aspect.  We have taken Convergence a bit further and view Physical, Information security, people, and compliance.  People are always a weak link within an organisation, such as opening a door without checking who it is, they let in, or clicked on an email link downloading malware or not following standard processes.  We feel our approach is unique and gives a complete review of a company’s security stature.

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Company News

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    May 26, 2020
  • Security Twenty 20 Birmingham Conference Announcement

    Security Twenty 20 Birmingham Conference Announcement We are delighted to be taking part in the Security Twenty 20 Birmingham Conference and Exhibition as well as sponsoring the drinks reception.  Steve Wilkinson will be delivering a presentation on “How does Brexit affect GDPR around CCTV/ANPR and facial pattern use?  Professional Security Magazine is delivering the Security TWENTY 20 Birmingham Conference

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  • Data Protection: GDPR Data Processing Agreement

    A GDPR data processing agreement is a contract that is required between data controllers and data processors that ensures that each is appropriately handling personal data. A data controller is a person who owns the personal data, for example, a business that has collected client information.  A data processor is someone who uses the data

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  • How to know if you are GDPR compliant

    In May 2018, many businesses began panicking about whether they were GDPR compliant. In fact, even after the introduction of GDPR, many were still unsure what the legislation was or how it would affect them. Recent studies show that 20% of companies are still at risk of failing GDPR compliance. When you consider that the data that

    August 19, 2019

Delivering a greater understanding

Many companies do not fully understand the impact of their structures and processes and the impact on corporate security

  • We help you understand your responsibilities
  • We help you manage and mitigate the risks
  • We help you deliver on securities effiencies
  • We help you understand your GDPR Maturity Framework and current stature 
  • We provide the tools for you to centralise, manage and review physical and information assets


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