5 Ways Security Consultancy Will Save Your Company Money Long Term

Getting solid security consultancy from a company such as 6S Global will not only give you reassuring safety against risks and threats, it could also save your business money. Let’s look at how that might work out.

5 main themes form the basis of such savings. They are:

Save Money on the Cost of Security Products

Of course, any company can undertake its own security audit and improvement. Unless you are lucky enough to have security expertise in your workforce this will entail considerable time researching the current state of security, finding (where necessary) products, systems and updates to remedy any gaps, and then planning how to implement the changes in the least disruptive way.

A security consultancy company like 6S Global offers that expertise in an experienced consultant, who knows how the elements link together, and how to acquire any additional products in a cost-effective way.

Avoid Fines and Penalties

Any breach of security is of course, annoying and troublesome to good business. It can easily lead as well to the company being in breach of laws, regulations, standards, and indeed requirements of contracts. Any one of those could lead rapidly to financial cost which could be unpredictable and very high.

As Shakespeare so eloquently put it, “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions”, so a breach of the law could carry a fine, signify a failure to meet a standard, and be a break of contract terms. Each one of those has the potential for a financial cost.

security consultancy save money

Retain the Trust of Your Customers

All businesses depend on winning the trust of their customer base to be fair dealing. Sadly such trust can be quite fragile. A breach of security is likely to have bad effects for customers, and that will be devastating to any trust they may have. Having good security consultancy provided by an expert external provider such as 6S Global, and being able to show their reputation, gives good evidence that you are taking good care of the customers’ interests. This in turn strongly defends your hard-won trust.

Compliance with Laws and Standards

As mentioned above the potential costs of breaking laws can be severe, but as well as that many industries have strict codes or requirements of standards that must be complied with. Security lapses can undermine such compliance.

Of course, such lapses will incur regulatory action, possibly including financial penalties. Often compliance codes require external verification and certification of security status. This can be built into a professional security consultancy from a provider like 6S Global.

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Network

Most companies have some kind of network connecting together computers, terminals, data centres and so on. For all such networks, one weak link of poor security can threaten the integrity of the whole network. This poses a special risk if the company offers its customers access to part of its network – for instance on-line purchasing or banking. Needless to say, any such breach of security is likely to have high financial costs, and devastating reputational consequences. A security consultancy can ensure that the whole network is secure, and avoid these dangers. 

As well as these one-off elements of cost-saving provided by good security consultancy it can also provide ongoing protection. A planned regular audit of security together with updates of systems to keep them protected is like continued insurance. A relatively small regular payment avoids the catastrophic costs entailed if security collapses. 

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