6S Global Are ISO 27001 Certified

If you are new to the world of data security then you might have noticed an interesting little ‘badge’ at the bottom of our pages. Those who are well versed in this, of course, will know that it is an ISO 27001 certification. This is essentially to say that we are officially certified as following the recommended standards in Information Technology, Security techniques and information security management systems.

What is it?

ISO 27001 is a set of standards or requirements for information security management systems (ISMS), these standards enable organisations to maintain the security of their assets. Any business or organisation that manages personal information or data that can be breached, they can follow these practices in order to keep this information or data safe.

These practices will, in turn, help to monitor, manage their organisation’s security, this is done through following the ISO’s recommended forms of auditing for your organisation’s security.

When you are implementing these standards set by the ISO, so become officially certified you must go through other Accreditation Bodies who assess your businesses information security. Once you pass, you are awarded the certification.

Some benefits of following these standards are as follows; the reduction of information security costs, as well as being more equipped to respond to evolving security threats by being more resilient to their attacks.

What Does This Mean For 6s?

For 6S Global, what it really means is that we can show, and are proud to show that we are following the standards that have been set, which has allowed us to become data secure. We ensure that our security is under constant review, in order to maintain it’s competence and subsequently improve it.

With those working with us, you can feel at ease knowing that we are committed to keeping all personal data that passes through 6S the most secure it can be.

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