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Paul Anderson from 6S Global was working with IPVM as part of the Consultants Show 2020. Paul, the Director of 6S Global did a recorded ‘presentation’ for members of the IPVM about his and 6S’ expertise in the cybersecurity industry about why it is important to create an extensive plan for before executing cybersecurity policies for a company or business.

IPVM are a team that researches and specialises in video surveillance and cybersecurity. Their expertise extends to testing companies and facilities to discover security vulnerabilities and ‘human rights violations’ all while working towards worldwide ethical video surveillance. The Consultants Show followed a ‘pitch’ style of presentation where consultants, including Paul Anderson, “pitched themselves to IPVM members” with the actual objective being to provide a model of learning for IPVM.

Mr Anderson was the first consultant to present at 9:30 am and focussed on why it is essential to plan before implementing cybersecurity measures to companies. From his presentation, he highlighted “you don’t build a house without planning… so why design a security system without process or a plan in place?”

It is also highlighted during the presentation that one of the biggest issues that 6S Global deal with is compliance, Mr Anderson states that a lot of organisations do not understand the process of being GDPR compliant when it comes to video surveillance and cybersecurity, with CCTV being a particular aspect that is overlooked.

When asked about how COVID-19 has effected 6S Global in regards to the level of business it conducts, Mr Anderson’s response was “COVID hasn’t really affected us too much, yet… but our program and pipeline with the projects we’ve been working on… for the last two and a half years.”

End Of Statement.

“6S Global are Business, Physical and Information security specialists, offering a range of services to support business processes in companies such as Data Protection, Business continuity, compliance, and Risk management. Using our Atom process along with our 11, 7, 4 controls allows us to expand, review and present any potential issues in a simple gap analysis report.” 

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