Security consultancy Behavioural Analysis

What Is Behavioural Analysis?

Behavioural Analysis recognises people do things for reasons, and following patterns. In this article will examine those reasons and what the underlying patterns are in depth.

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Cookiebot: A True Consent Solution For Marketing

With the constant development of the Internet, this trillion-dollar economy holds an unimaginable amount of data. Marketers can struggle to retain this information while being compliant. With Cookiebot, a marketers troubles are answered.

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Top view of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Robot

What Is The Difference Between AI and Machine Learning?

At 6S Global, we use both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning in the services we provide to help your cybersecurity. We thought you might like to know a little more about these processes, so this piece will describe the distinctions between them.
Actually, ‘difference’ is maybe the wrong word, as Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence.

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Machine learning technology

What Is Machine Learning?

At 6S Global we offer a range of services related to security, especially cyber security. One of the tools we use to provide such services is Machine Learning. In the article we break down what is machine learning and the different types.

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Promotional Graphic of Paul Anderson at the IPVM Consultants Show

6S Parts Knowledge At IPVM’s Consultants Show

Paul Anderson from 6S Global was working with IPVM as part of the Consultants Show 2020. Paul, the Director of 6S Global did a recorded ‘presentation’ for members of the IPVM about his and 6S’ expertise in the cybersecurity industry. Full release within.

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