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6S Global business systems are very key tools for us to review the health of a business.  How efficient is the business running? How will the business be affected if issues or disruptions happen?  What happens when a disaster strikes such as fire and takes down a building? How are projects being run?

6S Global can provide the tools and support to make sure companies are aware of potential problems and how they can be best managed. Providing useful visualisation of data and ensuring any projects are managed and tracked.

We again go back to our ATOM Process to determine the best way to manage and present to our customers. We start with 4;

  • Governance 
  • Operations 
  • Management 
  • Recovery

How we Deliver

Ensuring businesses have full visibility of their operation and consider how their operation would work if a disaster struck.

Using the above process and our visualisation tools along with COMPaaS compliance software. We review how a business functions and performs on a daily basis.  How the business can manage in the event of a small issue or major problem or disaster, and how the business is managing their contracts and deliverables to their customers via our PMO.

Long Term Implications

Need some support with your data management systems?

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Data Centres (DXC)

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Retail (upto AWS)

How Can We Help You?

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6S Global provided strong support & expertise to the Face Alert team and has helped shape the success of our Avigilon Solution. 6S Global is a great business support partner and has proven to be invaluable to the Face Alert Team and their clients.

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