Security consultancy

Who Needs Security Consultancy?

Faced with the question – who needs security consultancy? – many companies may shrug and say, effectively, not us. That may not be very wise, especially if the work of the company has any sensitive aspects.

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Security consultant

What Do Security Consultants Do?

In very simple terms security consultants provide advice and guidance to ensure the IT systems of a company are as secure as possible against a range of possible threats. Effective security consultancy depends on how well the consultant can combine expertise in those skills, and have the experience to ensure all activities are robust against possible threat.

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Video Analytics

The Future of Video Analytics

What is Video Analytics? Video Analytics (VA) is a technology that has seen considerable movement in the spheres of security and surveillance. VA systems perform

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Storing Transferring User Data

Storing and Transferring User Data

Most business processes are automated and digitized, client data is acquired and used every day. Hence, regulations such as UK GDPR, Privacy Electronic Communication Regulation for CCTVs, and DPA have been developed for businesses to employ best practices in handling and transferring of user data.

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