What is GDPR Compliance?

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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, it’s the legal framework for the collection and processing of personal data from individuals who live in the EU.

GDPR law has some of the toughest regulations in the world, you may have to abide by these regulations even if you are not living in the EU.

Learn the basics of compliance with GDPR principles and discover how you can follow these tough practices. 

Need to know how your business fairs with GDPR legislation? With our quick and easy GAP analysis checklist, you can find out if your business is GDPR compliant. 

Download our Free GDPR Explainer & Compliance Checker

Find out where you stand on the EU’s toughest data protection law to date. Download our free guide which simplifies GDPR legislation in the UK, follow this up with our free GAP analysis to discover if your business is compliant.

5 minutes is all it takes to score your business by industry type and highlight any areas which leave you exposed and vulnerable to financial penalties and data breaches.

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Simple to complete, powerful insights

Our Analysis allows you to find out if you are GDPR compliant through a series of easy Yes or No questions. You don’t need to know data protection law to find out where you stand.

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Suitable for any Industry

Our GAP Analysis covers a wide range of industries. With checklists for multiple different business types. Each one being affected by GDPR in different ways.

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Protect the future of your business

Understand what will be required of your business to become more GDPR compliant. Safely allowing your business to grow from strength to strength. 

Prefer to speak to an expert?

A GAP Analysis is a type of analysis that establishes your businesses current performance and assesses it in regards to where you are wanting your business to be in the future.

In regards to GDPR compliance, this analysis will show if your business is keeping in line with EU regulations in regards to your data and your usage of the personal data (such as freedom of information) that passes through your company. And which as a business you are legally obliged to take proactive steps to safe guarding the data you hold.

Many businesses still don’t know how exposed they are that’s why we created a GAP analysis to provide businesses an easy way to understand what they can do to stay on the right side of this otherwise complex law.

What is a GAP Analysis?

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Are you are legally compliant with GDPR?

We’ll send you a simple to understand breakdown of what you as a business need to know in order to stay on the right side of this often misunderstood law.