Cookiebot: A True Consent Solution For Marketing

With the constant development of the Internet, this trillion-dollar economy holds an unimaginable amount of data.  

With internet traffic constantly rising for websites, the need to retain the information of these users is paramount. The reason for this? Marketing. The techniques that are used for marketing purposes have become extremely sophisticated in order to adapt to the amazing uses the internet has created for society.

Digital marketing is a dominating industry across the globe that uses your data in order to market to your likes and interests, a way of retaining your information is through the use of cookies… While you may be giving your consent for these websites to hold your data via these cookies, are you even sure that they are using or even storing your data appropriately? 

It may come as a surprise to you that a vast majority of websites that ask for your cookie permission will not be complying with GDPR or CCPA. Enter Cookiebot, the cloud service that is committed to providing your website and business with a quality cookie and online tracking solution, all while ensuring that your business is fully compliant with data protection laws.

Here is a breakdown of Cookiebot, what it is and what it does to help you store data the right way.

What Is Cookiebot?

In their own words, it’s ‘compliance made easy’. The cloud-based service has three core functions: Cookie Consent, Cookie Monitoring and Cookie Control.

The service allows you to fully customise the user consent for your website and scan your cookies and tracking on your website, which again is a major plus for marketing. It does this all while remaining GDPR compliant.

How Is It GDPR Compliant?

In regards to cookies and data tracking or retention, knowing how to remain GDPR compliant in the fast internet age requires a very competent mind with lots of time. As Cookiebot is an automated system, it automatically generates GDPR compliance requirements for your websites in regards to tracking and consent.

This saves you the time it would take if you manually arranged your businesses compliance yourself. Also ensuring that you are in fact, 100% compliant. Protecting you and your website from breaking the law and risking fines.

It’s extensive services monitor all tracking on your website automatically, this way it can display relevant information to your website’s visitors.

All of your visitor’s consent is tracked through this app and can be withdrawn on their request at any time. While this saves you time, for sites with high levels of volume, it ultimately reduces your website’s risk of not being GDPR compliant massively.

It is needless to say that the functions of Cookiebot make it a no brainer for any business with a website to install this service. It works simultaneously with your business and the protection of your website visitors to create a seamless cookie solution, all while granting you compliant tracking capabilities.