Geo Ring-Fencing

Our environmental specialist created the first geo ring fencing areas within London relating to pollution

reduction, as identified below.


London is one of the most polluted cities in Europe. Air pollution causes each year around 29,000 deaths. It is

estimated there are over 4,000 extra deaths each year in London from particulates and health costs are

estimated at up to £16 billion a year.

With politicians failing to tackle a “silent killer” that is believed to lead to thousands of premature deaths each

year. Action must be taken sooner rather than later; the UK is lagging behind many European cities who are

addressing the requirements of the Air Quality Directive. The recent unanimous ruling from the Supreme Court will force the government to replace the UK’s existing air quality plans to comply with the Air Quality Directive by 2030, this may well speed thing up although even then compliance would only be achieved by 2030 some 20 years behind the EU’s deadline.