How do 6S Global apply Behavioural Analysis to AI and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence, where systems make autonomous decisions based on processing large amounts of data, and Machine Learning, where systems can efficiently derive their own working rules by applying a structure to data units, are increasingly common techniques. How can we offer something a little more for companies using either, or both of these processes? Well, we have in-house expertise in behavioural analysis and that expertise can be brought to bear to help such companies. 


We describe Behaviour Analysis more fully elsewhere, but in summary Behaviour Analysis can apply to both human operators, and intelligent systems. In each case what it looks for are patterns of predictability in actions. Having discovered such patterns it can suggest structures for the actions to achieve a better outcome by modifying behaviour. 


In humans, this could entail encouraging positive security awareness, such as using regularly changed strong passwords.

In systems, it might look for unexpected transactions, such as an unusual request for large data downloads, and seeing them occur, take preventative action, or make an alert. 

A Different Perspective

One of the key elements of Behavioural Analysis is the notion of taking a separated view of how a procedure is working. Whether looking at human actions, or machine procedures or most likely a combination of the two, our Behaviour expert will take a look at how the whole system functions. 


When designing and establishing systems it is understandable that the primary concern is to get the whole system efficiently operating. This often entails close detail development and the overall function can be overlooked. Our Behaviour experts will scan the overall security and suggest ways it can improve. This scan happens from outside the process, giving a true insight, leading to impartial advice.

Human meet Machine, Computer meet Human

Behaviour happens both in the human beings, whose role is to enable the system and in the technology (software and hardware) which actually run it. Our expert Behaviour Analysis team will look at both of these, to offer suggestions about improvements. Often the behaviour is at its most critical where the two types of activity come into contact, for instance, a human overseeing data processing. Analysing in detail what is happening, and discerning the potential risk at such junctions can greatly increase safety. Especially important is the detailed prescription of elements to change. A complex problem may need human behaviour changes as well as a precise adjustment of the machine process for a full solution. 

6sglobal Behaviour Analysis helps AI and ML companies

What we can offer

Having a breadth of experience and specialist expertise we at 6S Global can offer a unique security service. We bring with our offer our commitment to improving with everything we do. Whether it is human resources, technology hardware, or software we can give comprehensive advice. We converge our guidance across all aspects, as well as helping with compliance, and environmental security. Why not get in touch to find out how your company could benefit.