How do 6S Global Approach Security Consultancy Differently?

Choosing the best provider for a security consultation is a complex process – see here. We at 6S Global like to think we are amongst the best Security Consultants because of our different approach. How different? Well here’s how!

  • Convergence
  • Wide experience
  • ATOM
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • A total approach


Many security advisors specialise in particular areas of risk. At 6S Global we understand that security can be threatened by any aspect of the enterprise, so to ensure all risks are defended against we offer our security consultancy looking at the whole picture. 

There are four main strands of activity that can impinge on security – physical environment, Information Technology, people, and compliance. 

In the physical environment, we look at equipment, ensuring it is protected and up-to-date with, for instance, firewalls and anti-virus. We also assess security aspects of the buildings in use, and have expertise in access control systems. We supply Darktrace Enterprise software which adds the power of Artificial Intelligence to gate control systems.

security consultancy approach

The people in an organisation are possibly its greatest potential security risk, so our security consultancy will look in detail at how team members operate, as well as offering advice about improved security protocols, and training, to ensure good security awareness in the team.

With our own legal expertise, we can offer advice on the security implications of compliance with regulations, standards and laws. We supply Compaas software packages to help with compliance.

Wide Experience

Although 6S Global is not a big company we have over 100 person/years experience available in our team, across a wide range of specialities including business processes, technical security, compliance, network, contracts and tactical risk.


This process is used in a number of our services, including security consultancy. It is Architectural Targeted Operational Model. For more information about it look here. 6S Global’s security consultancies are ATOMic powered!

Behavioural Analysis

People are often, unwittingly, a high-risk aspect of an organisation, so recognising that 6S Global offer specialist support in Behavioural Analysis. This is the scientific study of the behaviour of individuals and aims to describe, understand, predict, and ultimately change it. This behaviour can have positive as well as negative elements, so we offer expertise on how to encourage secure positive behaviour. We have our own specialist Behaviour Analyst in our team who will help design a suitable programme for your company’s needs.

A Total Approach

At 6S Global we aim to supply you with comprehensive security advice. At the original discovery stage, where we look in detail at your current arrangements and prepare a “Gap Analysis” describing what is missing from current practise to ideal security. In this, we look at risks and vulnerabilities, and work out what kind of threat, at what criticality they pose. Where necessary we can undertake Penetration Testing, where a trusted “white hat” hacker will challenge your security systems to help define where hidden weaknesses may be.

After this, and in consultation with you, we will suggest improvements, to equipment, software, procedures and compliance standards, to bring your security back to robustness. We can, as part of this, help and train your staff to better security awareness. 

We can also undertake, again with your agreement, set up continuing monitoring of your security, to give you long term peace of mind. 

All in all, we think 6S Global can be your all-in security advisor. Talk to us now to see how we can help.