How to Choose the Right Security Consultancy for My Company

Good security advice can be critical for a company. Security breaches can be financially expensive, and disastrous for reputation. Choosing which consultancy to get advice from becomes a survival decision.

A Google hunt looking for Security Consultancy will yield a bewildering range of possible providers, so perhaps you need some help with selection. 

Here are some questions you may like to ask potential consultants.

    1. What is Special about the services they offer?
    2. What Experience do they have in security consultancy?
    3. What is it going to Cost?
    4. Do they offer Unified security protection across the enterprise?
    5. What areas of Risk do they advise on?
    6. In the event of the unthinkable – a network crash – how did they / would they remedy the situation?
    7. Do you Train personnel in security awareness?
    8. Why should we give the contract to Your company?

S - What is Special About the Services Offered?

Different companies offer different specialities, but at 6S Global we offer two particular unique services that make us the perfect choice for any security consultancy needs. We take pride in advising across the four disciplines of Physical Security (including our ATOM – Architectural Targeted Operating Model), IT Security, People, and Compliance. We also, uniquely, offer Behaviour Analysis Advice, to help change the security culture in a company.

E - What Experience Do You Have?

In 6S Global we can offer over 100 person/years of combined experience.

C - What is it Going to Cost?

It is an unwise option to merely seek the cheapest provider. We at 6S Global will always clearly inform you of likely costs, and ensure you get the level of service appropriate for your need and budget. Security consultancy can save your company money in the long term, so we’re transparent with the costs of our services and the positive long term effects they will have on your organisation.

U - Do You Offer Unified Protection?

Security affects all aspects of an enterprise and, as hackers well know, one weak link can undermine the totality. At 6S Global we advise across the physical environment (including buildings, access, equipment) IT (including software, web access protection), People (including recruitment advice, training, and monitoring), and Compliance (ensuring all required regulations, protocols and laws are fulfilled).

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R - What Areas of Risk do You Help With?

Some security consultants are very specialist and only cover limited aspects. There’s a lot you can expect from us as security consultants, at 6S Global we aim to cover all potential risk areas and advise how to protect them.

I - If the Worst Happens How do You Deal With It?

It would be incredible, and suspicious if a potential provider claimed to have never had problems when applying security fixes. By its very nature dealing with potential security breaches is a hazardous area of work. This question is designed to give you, the purchaser, a clear idea of how the provider works, and how honest they are. It is essential to fully trust a security consultant, and if they bluster and say they never have accidents you may feel a little sceptical.

More reassuring is to hear that they are aware of the hazards, how they attempt to protect against unplanned outcomes and most important of all how resourceful they are to swiftly remedy any unforeseen events. Please talk to us at 6S Global for our view about this.

T - Do You Provide Training?

As possibly the biggest potential risk area in a company is its employees, it is important to build into any security advice appropriate training of personnel to help them be more aware of security. At 6S Global we provide full training and support to personnel. 

Y - Why Should We Give the Contract to Your Company?

This question gives the putative provider a chance to win your confidence. Having gone through the previous questions you’ll have some idea now of what they are like, and whether they will suit your needs. We at 6S Global would be delighted to talk to you and see if we can deliver the consultancy you need.