How to know if you are GDPR compliant

In May 2018, many businesses began panicking about whether they were GDPR compliant. In fact, even after the introduction of GDPR, many were still unsure what the legislation was or how it would affect them. Recent studies show that 20% of companies are still at risk of failing GDPR compliance.

When you consider that the data that your business holds is probably one of your most valuable assets, it seems illogical to feel around in the dark to see how safely you are storing it. With so much conflicting information available on GDPR, how it affects businesses, and what makes them compliant, a more sensible option is to employ some experts to complete a maturity assessment for you.

maturity assessment assesses your compliance using ICO guidelines. From that, you can then pinpoint areas where your data protection could be improved and design an action plan to fill your security gaps.

6SGlobal’s maturity assessment focuses on three different stages in achieving GDPR compliance. The first step involves the completion of a unique analysis by our team of security experts. Using ICO requirements, we delve into your processes, finding evidence that proves to prove your privacy maturity.

Once we’ve discovered any gaps, 6SGlobal then advises on how GDPR ready you are and suggests a roadmap for improvement. Having a high-level roadmap can prove to the ICO, should you be audited, that you are aware of your security failings and that you are putting measures in place to rectify them.

The advice that a maturity assessment provides also enables you to continue to maintain your security systems, keeping them fit for purpose and significantly reducing your chances of experiencing a data breach.

The cost of investing in the invaluable advice that you’ll receive from a maturity assessment from 6SGlobal is far less than a potential ICO fine (or the lack of sleep from worrying about one). 6S practice in ensuring businesses are compliant.