How Will COMPaaS Improve My Data Security?

Cybersecurity has become an essential part of how business works. If you are working on the internet or with systems of important data, it is vital that you protect the data to avoid leaking of information and to comply with international regulations such as the GDPR

As more and more security threats are becoming apparent online, it is important from a business perspective to be protective of personal data, as having this leaked could risk your businesses reputation and credibility and could have legal and financial consequences going forward.


There are a few ways that you can go about protecting your businesses data, one of which would be security consultancy. Having supervision from the experts can make sure that you are complying with all the regulations and that your systems are secure. Another way would be through technology itself, with software such as COMPaaS available to assist you in protecting your data.


In this article, we are going to discuss COMPaaS and how it can improve your data security. Security Consultancy is always going to help you improve your protection, but with added software security, it can be even more so – making sure that your businesses data is safe and secure. 

What Is COMPaaS?

COMPaaS put in simple terms is a digital software platform designed to assess new and old data. It allows users to view individual assets on a single map that can show assets on the street such as lighting, equipment or technology.

It will show the security of these assets and how they are working, giving you a better idea of your security equipment and how it is working correctly. It also connects with your network to give you more information about your security and how it is protecting your data. A new level of security consultancy.

Why COMPaaS?

COMPaaS is a software with many benefits and can standardise and make sense of your security policies. There are many ways it can do so, but here are the most important elements of COMPaaS:


Through COMPaaS, you can link yours and/or your client’s security and data privacy systems together to ensure conformity and compliance with all the applicable laws. This is important to manage aspects of your security that you may not be aware of, to standardise the process. 


By using the software, you can easily see areas of vulnerability within your company and its processes that leave you exposed to data breaches. This means you can be made aware of problems before they get out of hand and can make the changes necessary to get through them.


COMPaaS offers a level of security that is important in the new age of ransomware and hackers. Lockdown has exposed areas of vulnerability and added security measures can help fight against those areas. 


Through COMPaaS, you can also visualise and set your company data retention policies and map out future data destruction timelines, making it a lot more simple to know when to keep/remove data from your system.


You can manage your record of processing activities through COMPaaS, a level of security consultancy that can give visibility to those that are unaware of the regulations and rules that are required.

COMPaaS Software Available From 6S Global

We understand that security consultancy is important for your organisation, and we want to offer the best software for the protection of your data and cybersecurity. With our COMPaaS software, it can assist you in protecting your business from outside threats and to standardise the security processes for your employees.


If you haven’t already, take a look at our software page to learn more about COMPaaS and what it entails. It is a high-level software that can supervise your security for any threats, protecting your business and offering a new level of cybersecurity.