Miranda Coppoolse

Tactical Risk and Behavioural Advisor

Areas of Speciality

Licenses & Certs

Miranda Coppoolse is a welcome member of the team and is a distinguished Risk, Intelligence and Human Behaviour Analyst as well as an advisor on various interrelated security topics. 

She serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Global Terrorism Information Network TINYg and is also an active member on various councils for ASIS International.

“As we often point out people can be complaisant, but with 6S we can take that further. With Profiling we analyse information relevant to a person’s psychological and behavioural characteristics.  Giving you the tools and skills to not only recognised questionable behaviour to reduce risk, but to understand your staff and to be able to motivate them!”

Additionally, she serves as a team member for the Children’s Rescue Initiative. This organization fights human trafficking worldwide by rescuing children from forced labour and sex slavery, providing medical care, clothing, food, safe shelter, education, and training to prepare them for a life of freedom. 

During her career, Miranda has lived around the globe, gaining a broad understanding of different languages and cultures.

Her core business is Risk & Criminal Behavioural Analysis, Intelligence, Investigation, Interrogation, Profiling, High Risk Security, Counter Terrorism, CPTED, Risk Assessments, Physical-, Enterprise- & Travel Security and Human-Trafficking. 

She has achieved success in many areas of work such as Government, Public Law Enforcement, Aviation, Ports, Healthcare, Banks, Tourism, Hospitality, and Retail.

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