cyber security

What Is Cyber Security?

What does it mean in practice? Cybersecurity is the practice and processes implemented to protect information, assets and infrastructure from a cyber-attack. Cyber-crime is continuing

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5000MBPS server

The 5000MBPS Server is Here!

Bringing You The Latest Technology is advancing at a fast pace, whilst knowledge is increasingly divided into hardware and software specialisms. This often means that

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prostate cancer

1 in 8 Will be Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

There have been some astonishing breakthroughs in prostate cancer treatment in recent years To benefit from these treatments, early diagnosis is essential. Sadly, access to these treatments can also depend on where in the UK you live. Prost8 have some major campaigns coming up including two online special auction events with eBay

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Video Analytics

The Future of Video Analytics

What is Video Analytics? Video Analytics (VA) is a technology that has seen considerable movement in the spheres of security and surveillance. VA systems perform

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Storing Transferring User Data

Storing and Transferring User Data

Most business processes are automated and digitized, client data is acquired and used every day. Hence, regulations such as UK GDPR, Privacy Electronic Communication Regulation for CCTVs, and DPA have been developed for businesses to employ best practices in handling and transferring of user data.

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ISO27001 certification

Why You Need an ISO27001 Certification

In a climate where data management and security are becoming increasingly important, how you store and look after corporate information can be the difference between your company’s success and failure. To show yourself to be a safe business that can be trusted, it’s essential to have a secure and effective information management system in place and to certify your business as ISO27001 compliant.

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