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We at 6S Global can help and support your business with that protocol, and provide services to help you achieve compliance. Compliance is the protocol which ensures businesses follow all the necessary laws and regulations applicable to their activities.


6S Global can provide enterprise network designs and IT policies to ensure your network is well managed and secure. We can take that to another level and provide Cyber services.

Asset Management

AIPO is our term for managing Assets such as People or cars in and out of areas such as a carpark. As part of our core processes we offer consultancy for parking management which has now expanded into full turnkey solutions as our customers often ask us to deliver everything.  


We provide cloud-based and local software tools to help organisations manage and protect their business. 6S Global provides software packages from COMPaaS and Darktrace, either cloud-based or locally installed. As well as providing the applications we also offer ongoing maintenance and ongoing servicing to offer a complete service.

Business Systems

6S Global can provide the tools and support to make sure companies are aware of potential problems and how they can be best managed. Providing useful visualisation of data and ensuring any projects are managed and tracked.

Security Consultancy

We take organisations through the whole process. From a basic concept or a request to deliver a full review of a company security stature and provide support for the design, delivery, management and witness testing, or whatever is needed.

There's an A.T.O.M at Our Core

How we work

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6S Global provided strong support & expertise to the Face Alert team and has helped shape the success of our Avigilon Solution. 6S Global is a great business support partner and has proven to be invaluable to the Face Alert Team and their clients.

Face Alert


Brief intro the system of working and why its a good place to start.


Intro to the 4 pillars: Risk Management, Strategy, Technology & Data


A benefit of operating this way, how taking this approach breaks the status quo


Another benefit to organisations - what they stand to gain from the process

A.T.O.M Explained

We take a different approach to managing data security in order to systematically evaluate your organisation.

We then use our four pillars as a solid foundation to deliver a comprehensive strategic and technical security assessment of your business.

It goes beyond understanding Threat, Vulnerability and likelihood and delivers you an independent appraisal.