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Paul Anderson 6S Global

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Paul is an Intuitive and dynamic individual that leads 6S Global and defines the company’s ethos, of listening, challenging and thinking outside of the box. He is keen to ensure 6S Global’s approach is different, and delivery of services is simple, structured and comprehensive. Paul supplies the tools to others so that they can protect and manage their businesses better.

Most of us can become focused and overlook things outside of our vision, or complaisant and miss things.  We often hear comments such as “we have always done it that way”.  External reviews are important as they give an unbiased approach, whereas internal staff may lack the skills and could have a vested interest in reaching positive conclusions.  The benefit of using 6S Global is the wide range of skills we can offer from our team leaving no stone uncovered.  Contact us to find out more

Project Management skills – 25 years’ experience in management 

27 years’ experience in security 

Having a background of delivering integrated security solutions on a global scale for Enron, Union Bank of Switzerland, QBE Insurance and Fidessa along with Experiencing various technology advancements in communications, Networks, Hardware and software has given m Paul an understanding of what high end blue-chip clients expect and need.

Paul worked for Avigilon, which was the largest growing CCTV manufacturer in the world at the time he started.  Which provided the most advanced video stream management solution and the largest Megapixel CCTV camera at that time. He covered the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) regions giving him a unique insight into the issues associated with the integration of security technology into business processes on an international scale.

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