Hackney Council


Hackney council wanted to enhance operation and efficiency and to offer an improved service to residents of hackney.  To do this it was decided to see if services from one building could be transferred to another.  One of those services was a self-service cash center.  They looked internally to see if the risks could be evaluated but felt it was outside of their skill set.  6S Global were asked to step in to provide a risk assessment and report so hackney could make an informed decision.


Hackney COuncil
2017 - Present
Security Consultancy
Our Role

How We Executed

We reviewed the new building for suitability, reviewed threats and potential risks;


We reviewed the location and approach to the building by foot and by vehicle.  We looked at the portals such as entrances, fire escapes and windows for areas into the building and secure areas such as Comms rooms.  The door/window/security furniture such as locks, hinges, handles and electronic security such as readers and electronic locks were also considered as part of our review. 


We reviewed various stakeholders involved with the project and the staff and services offered within the building.  We reviewed the operation around security awareness and the response to certain security events that could occur.

Information Security

We reviewed basic IT requirements and consulted accordingly.


We asked to review GDPR due to CCTV requirements.

We then reviewed potential threats and risks to hackney, its staff and its residents providing hackney with a simple gap analysis report.


Giving them confidence and peace of mind that security was fully reviewed and displayed in an easy format for them to understand.  That lead to us providing further services, writing an operational requirement (OR) that can be used as a security framework for all other building within hackney.  Although costs were not saved at this stage, future security projects can be planned easier by applying the gap analysis for the sites along with the OR framework.


We are now overseeing the project and will be witness testing the new security installation and revisiting the Gap analysis to ensure Risks have been eliminated or reduced.