Procurement and Management of Network Equipment: Huawei Update

Procurement of Network Equipment

Increased Scrutiny in Procurement of Network Equipment in the UK

The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is under scrutiny around the globe over concerns that its close ties with the Chinese government present national security threats to the U.S, Europe and allied countries. Although this article focuses on Huawei, CCTV companies should also look at other Chinese technology companies such as Hikvision, who are also under threat of sanction from the US government.

British Telecom Takes Action

The UK’s British Telecom (BT) is the latest company to remove equipment made by Huawei from the heart of a communication system ‘The Emergency Services Network’ (ESN) being developed for the UK’s police forces and other emergency services.

ESN was originally due to be completed by the end of 2019. At that point, it was meant to replace an existing Motorola-owned radio system  Airwaves, which is used by the Police, Fire and Rescue, and Ambulance services.

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