Security Consultancy Jargon

What is Security Consultancy?

Security consultancy is when a company outside of your own overlooks the security of all assets to your business. A security consultant will assess all security measures within your organisation in order to assess whether you are at risk of a security breach.

How Security Consultancy Can Help You Stay Compliant

One of the biggest aspects of being GDPR compliant is being secure with the data or information that your business uses and stores. Security consultancy can help ensure your business is as secure as it can be as well as identifying potential risks early in order to prevent data breaches in your company. 

Security Consultancy is a Jargon Minefield

Security consultancy is a large industry that comes with a plethora of complicated words that are hard to understand unless you are an actual security consultant yourself, even then, you may not know every piece of jargon. However knowing this jargon can be extremely beneficial to you and your business.

Security Consultancy Jargon Example

  – ISO 27001

The specification for internet security management. It’s one of the most popular standards for information security and allows people to see an organisation takes information security seriously as well as works towards reducing risks. 

What is a Security Consultancy Jargon Buster?

A ‘jargon buster’ is essentially a list of jargon words and phrases commonly used in the industry you are involved in. We have created a free, in-depth security consultancy jargon buster, that you can download today, in order to help you understand the context of your security consultant and aid your business’s security measures. We’ll give simplified and understandable explanations (such as the jargon above) for you to read anytime.


Staying compliant and being as secure as possible when it comes to your business is essential, by using a jargon buster guide, you can get access to all the jargon you could possibly need in order to elevate your knowledge on security consultants.