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Security consultancy is where an external company views the security of all assets to a business. 

Such as but not limited to  buildings, computers, money, people, intellectual property, data and valuables. 

Key stages to understand are the operational needs of the business, the key stakeholders, the potential Vulnerabilities and how to mitigate any risk.

What defines us is our commitment to improve everything we do.  The way we approach security has changed over the years.  Companies are now starting to look toward Security Convergence, viewing Physical and information security but still a lot of companies and individuals only view one aspect. 

We have taken Convergence a bit further and view Physical, Information security, people, and compliance.  People are always a weak link within an organisation, such as opening a door without checking who it is, they let in, or clicked on an email link downloading malware or not following standard processes. 

We feel our approach is unique and gives a complete review of a company’s security stature.

How we Deliver

From a basic concept or request to delivering a full review of a company security stature and provide support for the design, delivery, management and witness testing, or whatever is needed.

Our unique A.T.O.M approach using services such as;

Behavioral Analysis Services

Behavioral Analysis is in essence the scientific study of the behavior of individuals, concerned with describing, understanding, predicting and changing behavior. Daily we, each and everyone of us, are confronted with human behavior, physically as well as online. This can be a very positive experience but in some cases unfortunately also negative. While this is more often than not related to (the feeling of) safety and security 6S Global has decided to therefore offer an array of services for individuals and organizations to not only understand certain behavior but to also get a handle on it in order to create a safer environment for themselves, their loved ones or business.

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6S Global provided strong support & expertise to the Face Alert team and has helped shape the success of our Avigilon Solution. 6S Global is a great business support partner and has proven to be invaluable to the Face Alert Team and their clients.

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