Compliance get compliant, stay compliant

Compliance is the protocol which ensures businesses follow all the necessary laws and regulations applicable to their activities. We at 6S Global can help and support your business with that protocol, and provide services to help you achieve compliance. 

The organisation which sets, and publishes the internationally recognised standards is the International Organization for Standardization or ISO

6S Global will help your company become, and remain, fully compliant.

How was ISO founded? Well with the same thought process on how we approach things, a fundamental question was asked: 

“What’s the best way of doing this?”  

That is at the heart of how we approach and review our customers’ business to deliver a first-class service.

How we Deliver

  • Our unique ATOM process, 
    • architectural targeted operating model 
    • 11 – 7 – 4 process
  • Unique Experience and knowledge from our team – Specially Steve Wilkinson 
  • Our unique pre built frameworks for information Security management system (ISMS)
  • Our Software COMPaaS compliance

Long Term Implications

how can we help you?

Get in touch with us about your cyber security and data protection requirements

6S Global provided strong support & expertise to the Face Alert team and has helped shape the success of our Avigilon Solution. 6S Global is a great business support partner and has proven to be invaluable to the Face Alert Team and their clients.

Face Alert

Businesses We Serve

Data Centres (DXC)
Large Enterprise Businesses
Retail (upto AWS)