Security Software


We provide cloud based and local software tools to help organisations manage and protect their business. 

6S Global provides software packages from COMPaaS and Darktrace, either cloud-based or locally installed. As well as providing the applications we also offer ongoing maintenance and ongoing servicing to offer a complete service.

  • Listen, review, identify needs
  • Create what is missing
  • Partner with the best providers to manage your protection

How we Deliver

We offer several software solutions to meet your needs: 

Long Term Implications

Need some support with your data management systems?​

Businesses We Serve




Data Centres (DXC)

Large Enterprise Businesses

Retail (upto AWS)

How Can We Help You?

Contact Us at 6S Global to talk about your current projects, systems and data management

6S Global provided strong support & expertise to the Face Alert team and has helped shape the success of our Avigilon Solution. 6S Global is a great business support partner and has proven to be invaluable to the Face Alert Team and their clients.

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