Staying Compliant with Digital Marketing Lead Generation


GDPR left marketers and businesses scratching their heads: ‘how can we comply with these new laws?’. It can feel complicated and difficult to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations when it comes to data protection, but it is something you must keep on top of in order to stay GDPR compliant.

What is GDPR

GDPR stands for general data protection regulation. It is an EU regulation that ensures companies who collect people’s personal data store, use and handle it with careful consideration and sufficient protection.

Before You Start Collecting Leads

All the data you collect is stored in a database somewhere. Before you start collecting leads for your business, you need to ensure you have a secure database to collect any data. A secure database prevents data being lost or endangered. Compromised data can lead to serious consequences whether it be financial or reputational. A secure database also aids in blocking attacks. 

You also need to ensure your website’s privacy policies are updated in line with GDPR regulations before you start collecting your leads. Your privacy policy needs to include what information you will collect, how and where you will store and use it as well as ensuring the user knows if they have any control over their personal data and if so, what control they have.

How Digital Marketers Can Remain Compliant When Generating Leads

Get Consent to Store a Lead’s Data

You need to ensure there are clear boxes to tick that ensure users can and clearly know they are giving consent for you to store their data. This is usually a short sentence with a box to tick that states the user gives consent for you to store their personal data. This is needed on any form, opt-in or other way that leads to you collecting data.

Why Information is Being Collected

Leads need the opportunity to see the reason their personal information is needed. The reason for data collection is usually included in the privacy policy of a company’s website. Occasionally mailing lists are sent a notification to remind them of why they are being sent certain emails. 

Offer an Easy Opt-Out Option

Any individual has the right to opt out of something in order to reclaim their personal data. Your users have the right to be ‘forgotten’ by your company and stop collecting, storing or using personal data at any point they wish to. A good example of an easy opt-out option is the unsubscribe option that is usually at the very bottom of a company email. This easy, fast and clear way to opt out ensures you are complying with an individual’s right to reclaim their data.  

So, How Do You Stay Compliant While Generating Leads?

In order to stay GDPR compliant, you need to ensure your leads know exactly what data you are collecting, what you are using it for, how you store it and the level of control they have over it. It’s also essential to provide easy opt-out options so a lead can quickly and simply stop you collecting their data as soon as they no longer consent to it.