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5000MBPS server

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Technology is advancing at a fast pace, whilst knowledge is increasingly divided into hardware and software specialisms. This often means that server manufacturers often fail to fully comprehend the software that runs on their products. 

At 6S Global, we pride ourselves on bridging that gap; using our wealth of experience in the HD IP CCTV industry and various video management systems– giving us an understanding of how the software works and needs to interact with hardware. 

Our hardware experts test the latest hardware available from companies such as Dell and a relatively new company called Secure Logiq-   our experienced analysts understand how hardware should perform, and their best capabilities.  Combining this knowledge of experience and expertise allows them to test, then recommend, fast reliable servers, ideal for the security industry. 

These are no ordinary servers

We've Reviewed These Servers

These servers would need to cope with extraordinary demands, such as high definition video from cameras of up to 7K (30 Megapixels)- this type of equipment requires a lot of throughput data that needs to be written to hard drives.  Compression and decompression factors need to be well-thought-out, whilst offloading onto the GPU should be considered where possible. 

Currently, we are reviewing a server for a VMS company, we have previously tested this to 2000 Mbps.  This equipment would feature dual Octa-core processors and support Raid5+ or Raid50 Hot spare.  We would replicate multiple clients viewing and playing back on multiple 4-megapixel screens.  When we rate a server at a true 2000 Mbps, we record at that rate and we then playback the multiple clients at 2x normal speed.  If we get smooth playback and no hiccups in the performance, we rate the server at a true duplex of 2000 Mbps throughput.  Others can rate high throughput at 3000 Mbps in, but only rate output at 80mbps – we suggest that this can often be misleading, and not fit for purpose.  

An exhilarating development has been highlighted by our researchers, which will, in turn, extend server capability far beyond current standards.

There's a big upside to bigger servers

With up to 660TB storage in just 4U and starting at 4000+Mbps throughput, the XL series server range from Secure Logiq is ideal for systems where longer archive times are required, but at a fraction of the price of multiple servers- or directly attached storage devices. 

The XL is the most resilient unit in the range boasting 3 x advanced RAID6 arrays, dual redundant PSUs, battery backed RAID and solid-state operating system protection for total peace of mind in mission-critical applications. 

1 sever can replace 20 servers!  

This means less power, less heat produced so less air conditioning needed – a Green Solution!   


To find out more about this exciting innovation contact us!

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