The BAB Brings 6S Into Their Community

Media Release

6S Global are proud to announce their partnership with the British American Business Council, occurring on Tuesday 27th October 2020. 6S Global are experts in security and aim to protect a business’s most critical assets against a wide range of threats. 6S will be working with the British American Business Council to provide support regarding data protection compliance and risk management. 

BABC is the largest transatlantic business network, with 2,000 members in 22 places throughout North America and the United Kingdom. 

The British American Business Council (BAB) is a body that works with businesses of all sizes from the UK and the United States to “promote trade and investment” between the two countries. 6S Global will be working closely with The BAB in order to promote and suggest policies in regards to data compliance and security consultancy.

The decision for 6S to work with this organisation came from a roundtable discussion in regards to data privacy. With 6S working alongside BAB we hope to support and direct cyber policies that protect businesses and subsequently the citizens of the UK and US. 

Due to the nature of the UK leaving the EU, joining this transatlantic body has never been more important, in order to create and protect jobs for others, while protecting their data and security.

Director of 6S Global Paul Anderson stated that “It’s great to be involved with BAB” and also showed his interest in the recent roundtable discussions that will 6S are now able to be a part of, which discuss’ the development of policies between the UK and US.


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6S Global are Business, Physical and Information security specialists, offering a range of services to support business processes in companies such as Data Protection, Business continuity, compliance, and Risk management. Using our Atom process along with our 11, 7, 4 controls allows us to expand, review and present any potential issues in a simple gap analysis report.” 

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