What is Cookiebot and How Does It Work?

Cookies are an integral part of how the internet works and how we use data online. They are used to track certain information on a website in order to function and complete tasks on the website such as authentication. 

Some cookies are needed for a website to function properly while other third-party cookies can be used by advertising companies and other websites to access data. This has subsequently led to a number of regulations and rules regarding cookies such as the GDPR, stating that you must gain consent before using third-party and non-essential cookies on your website.

In this article, we are going to discuss Cookiebot, an online tracking solution that detects all cookies on your website and blocks them until your users have given their consent. With the GDPR being in full-effect, this software is ideal for websites and businesses all across the web.

Cookiebot on Your Website

In order for your website to be applicable to EU citizens, who are a large percentage of global internet users, you must comply with the GDPR requirements and this includes information regarding cookies. 

Cookiebot is the perfect solution for following GDPR requirements. As there are a few important rules to follow in the GDPR regarding cookies, Cookiebot takes control of the key areas that you must follow making it perfect for your website and business for security and to avoid financial/legal implications from the GDPR. 


Features of Cookiebot

There are many features of Cookiebot that make sure you are complying with the GDPR regarding cookies. Here are some of the features that are included with Cookiebot and how they are used to comply with the GDPR agreement:

Automated Cookie Scan

Once a month, an automated cookie scan will search through all areas of your website for cookies and other tracking information generating a cookie declaration afterwards with descriptions on every cookie found. 

Following the scan, the cookie declaration is automatically published into the privacy policy to inform the visitor on what data is being used, one of the rules listed in the GDPR.

Cookie Consent Banner

With Cookiebot, you can also display a user-friendly banner on your website regarding cookie consent and asking the visitor whether they accept the use of cookies or not. This is one of the rules in the GDPR and must be displayed clearly in an obvious place, which Cookiebot can do.

Cookie Control

Cookiebot also gives you full control over the cookies that are set on your website. Instead of leaving it up to your website visitors to choose whether they accept the cookies individually, they are given a simple, general choice on four types of cookies to make it a lot easier for visitors to understand. 

It also makes sure that cookies are activated after the consent is made so that only strictly necessary cookies are set before the user consents. 

Compliance With The GDPR

Cookies are data sensitive which is why we express their importance for security. Cookiebot makes it easier than ever to comply with the GDPR and other international agreements regarding cookies and data protection. Make sure that your website and business is secure from financial and legal implications with Cookiebot.

However, cookies are not the only important aspect of the GDPR. There are many rules and regulations and if you are unsure whether you are complying with them, you could be at risk. 

Whilst you’re here, why not double check your compliance with our free GAP Analysis checklist? It will give you an indication of how compliant you are with the GDPR and other international agreements and what you can do to avoid complications further down the line.