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Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of our lives for businesses, individuals or people who are working with information technology. In the internet age, we want our data to be secure from hackers, attacks and external sources who could use the information for different purposes.


It is also important to ensure that you are following the correct procedures, laws and regulations regarding data protection. Many issues can arise if not done correctly and it could have a detrimental effect on your business for the future.


With 6S Global, our services are built on providing people with an extra level of security to make sure that no outside influence can access your data without permission, providing a level of cybersecurity that can protect your information.


In this article, we are going to go over what you can expect from our security consultancy. As a team with over twenty-five years of experience, our dynamic way of working can provide you with a level of assurance and protection that is unmatched by any other security consultancy service.

What To Expect With Our Security Consultancy?

Security Consultancy, to put in simple terms, is the process of giving advice, consultation and supervision towards your cybersecurity in order to provide protection and security. With the internet being as influential and powerful as it is, it is important to have security consultancy for your business in order to keep your data and information protected.


There are a few things that you should expect with our security consultancy. Here are some of the important stages we go through in order to keep your business protected:

GAP Analysis

We start our security consultancy process with a GAP analysis, which is where we analyse how the business is performing currently and where you are wanting it to go in the future. It is a process of auditing your business and making sure that it is in line with the compliance regulations in your country.


Businesses that are located in the EU or have a customer base of EU citizens require a lite-analysis as the EU countries use the GDPR regulation. This is to make sure that you are also complying with international rules and regulations regarding data protection. 


It is important we complete this first as it gives us an understanding of what is needed for your business to become more protected and secure, and will inform us on some of the things we can start doing. 

Identifying Data Compliance Risks

This is the main and most important part of our security consultancy as we thoroughly go through the potential causes of the security problems you are facing. If we notice that you are not fully compliant with your countries regulations, you could be at a vulnerable point with your data/information. 


There could be many causes for not complying with the regulations effectively, one of which could be the employees of your organisation making mistakes or certain malicious software that is active on your system that could be causing risk. However, it could be something that only an in-depth analysis can find, meaning you will need our specialist team in order to fix the problem.


We have resources for members of staff of your business in order to keep them up to date with important regulation information and how to comply with them correctly.

System Security Weaknesses

Afterwards, we need to look at the systems themselves that are in place to find any weaknesses that are involved. If there are weaknesses, we take care of them rapidly in order to make sure that your business is protected and secure.


We manage the implementation of these system changes which means you could need different equipment or software installed in order to make sure that your business is as secure as possible. 

6S Global Provide The Best Security Consultancy

We understand that your business is an important part of your life, and we want it to stay that way without there being any issues regarding cybersecurity and data protection. It is often underlooked how important it is for your business to be secure, as it could have a very big impact on your organisation if not.

If you haven’t already, get in touch with us. We can discuss our security consultancy services and explain in more depth how we can help your organisation with cybersecurity and staying protected in this new world of the internet.