Who Needs Security Consultancy?

Faced with the question – who needs security consultancy? – many companies may shrug and say, effectively, not us. That may not be very wise, especially if the work of the company has any sensitive aspects. Sensitive, like dealing with customers’ data. Sensitive, like providing services or products which can directly impinge on customers’ security or safety. Sensitive, like dealing with customers’ financial details. Sensitive, like any activity which has legal requirements or standards. So, that’s right, most companies may need advice about their security, and who better to go to for that than a company specialising in such advice like 6S Global.

What do Security Consultants Do?

Security Consultants will provide a package with three or possibly four key stages. These are:

    1. Making a detailed assessment of the existing, or current status of security in the company.
    2. Construct a cohesive plan to improve security, and reduce risks.
    3. Implement that plan.
    4. Provide continuing ongoing monitoring of security.

With an expert eye the Security Consultant looks over the security elements of the business. 

The physical environment – checking on the access control, alarm systems, out-of-hours security, and robustness in the event of disaster.  6S Global offers its ATOM (Architectural Targeted Operating Model) to provide a unified basis of security for buildings. If the premises are flooded, or catch fire, what replacement resources are planned for?

IT and software – is all software up to date and protected against malevolent hacking? Are there appropriate systems of access and protection for employees using IT. Are firewalls in use and operative?

Personnel – what procedures are used to recruit suitably secure employees? How do they access systems, and to what extent can they amend system content? Are there good training protocols in place to ensure continuing security awareness?

Plan construction
Based on the current situation and its risks 6S Global will put together a comprehensive report offering suggestions for security improvement. Where possible, and appropriate, this will indicate areas where options arise and estimate cost differences between them. Anything deemed to be a critical risk will be flagged for urgent attention. 

6S Global will project manage any necessary changes coming from the plan.

Changes to the building environment will be specified and commissioned. Auditing and updating of IT systems will be undertaken, together with installation of any necessary protective software or equipment.

Continuing monitoring and maintenance
Where appropriate, and agreed, 6S Global can continue to keep a watching eye over a company’s security, ensuring its robustness is maintained. This could include, for instance, advice about the recruitment of new team members, training, software updates, and building surveillance.

security consultants

What are the Benefits of Using Security Consultants?

Although many companies will benefit from good security oversight and advice few are likely to want, or be able, to employ their own in-house security specialists. Whilst providing very particular and specific advice this may be too costly for smaller companies. Security consultancy specialists, like 6S Global, can supply very topical help, and be flexible enough to cover a wide range of requirements.

How Can Security Consultancy Help My Company?

Bringing modern, current specialist expertise to the problem is a considerable help to companies needing security advice. With the ability to consider environment, architectural, IT, and personnel aspects together outside consultants can ensure the security is treated as a totality. Having a detached viewpoint Security Consultants can give a useful perspective on the whole spectrum of a company’s activities, and the security implications. If continuous monitoring is required 6S Global is ideally placed to provide that.

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