Why Choose 6S Global for your Organisation’s Security Consultancy

GDPR: How many companies follow the regulations?


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting internet-based technologies such as data, programs, devices and networks from attack. This ‘attack’ can be anything from theft or damage to these technologies from external sources or the purposeful disruption of the service that these technologies provide. As well as this, it also involves the process of ensuring these technologies comply with rules and regulations within national and international laws. 

Cybersecurity is a practice that is constantly evolving and also a practice that many businesses large and small fail to implement efficiently. 

A way organisations combat this issue is by hiring a security consultancy company. What often happens is that these consultants will supposedly fix the issue you’re facing in the moment, then down the line you’ll find several other problems with your organisation’s cyber security which need to be addressed. Here at 6S our unique approach to security consultancy stands us out as one of the best in the business. 

For those who are looking to hire a security consultancy company, we’re going to break down just why you should choose us at 6S Global to take care of your cybersecurity needs.

What is Security Consultancy?

You might be wondering, ‘what do security consultants actually do?’ On a much broader scale, security consultancy is the work of advising and supervising security measures to protect an organisation and its assets. As a security consultancy agency, it is our responsibility to provide an organisation with the expertise that not only stops threats that may currently exist or security threats that have already taken place but to prevent further threats from happening. 

The big question that many organisations ask is: where to begin?

Behavioural Analysis expertise for AI and machine learning companies

It starts with a GAP Analysis

A GAP analysis establishes your businesses current performance and assesses it in regards to where you are wanting your business to be in the future. It is an audit which analyses how compliant your organisation is in line with your countries compliance regulations. For businesses that need to be GDPR compliant, which is any business that operates in or handles data from EU countries we have created a ‘lite’ GAP analysis audit that you can complete. This will show you if you are truly compliant with an international compliance standard. 

For our clients, this is one of the first things we conduct. An extensive audit of your organisation’s compliance will discover more about your cybersecurity needs than one might think.

For those who are interested in being compliant with GDPR regulations, we have a ‘lite’ GAP analysis for free which you can download

Identifying risks to your data compliance

This is one of the main reasons organisations choose 6S for their security consultancy needs, rather than just fix an issue we look for the cause and other potential causes of this issue. Seeing that you are not complying with GDPR regulations may highlight an area of your organisation that is vulnerable to cyber attacks, breaches of information and so on. 


Data breaches can come from multiple areas of weakness in an organisation, a GAP analysis not only identifies the potential risks of a potential breach but it then creates a framework around how to solve this issue. There are different ways to tackle an issue, at 6S Global we not only look at the technology that may be creating a risk to data compliance but we look at the systems and practices in place that the organisation’s employees undertake.


It is sometimes overlooked that it is the actual people who are working in the organisation who are creating the risk, not just the technology they use. Is the person at the front desk of your business not effectively monitoring who’s going in and out of the building? Has your computer system been given a virus because one of your employees clicked a link on an email that they shouldn’t have? Putting hundreds of clients details at risk?


While you may think it is the technology at fault here, 6S ensure practices are in place to teach all members of staff in an organisation to identify the possible risks and prevent them from happening.

Network Systems Security Weaknesses

The next phase of the security consultancy process is to look at the systems themselves. After all, these systems are in place to protect your organisation so any weaknesses that are seen must be taken care of fairly rapidly. When we have outlined a plan of how to improve your network systems security, we project manage the implementation of these changes. This can result in the installation of equipment or improved software that will ensure your organisation is no longer compromised.

Woman hacker using dangerous virous

How are 6S Global Different When it comes to Security Consultancy?

From an outsider looking in, you may be wondering, ‘how can security consultancy even differ from one another?’ Well, we pride ourselves in taking a unique approach to how we handle and work with our clients in regards to security consultancy. For instance, we have a 5 pillared approach which stands us amongst the best Security Consultants in the industry.

The 5 Pillar Approach


What may not be realised is that many security consultant professionals, whether they be a lone freelancer or a company may specialise in certain areas of risks. This means that while you may have a wider issue with your cybersecurity, the company you hire may only be able to truly help one risk you might be facing leaving the underlying problem still at risk.


At 6S Global, we look at the whole picture to ensure that all risks can be defended against. We identify four main things that can inflict risks to one’s security, these are: The physical assets of a company, the Information Technology, employees and overall compliance. 

Wide Experience

We use our experience to our advantage, while our team is not massive, we have over 100 years of combined experience. As mentioned above, we use all of our specialities to provide an all-round solution to adequately protect businesses cybersecurity rather than just focussing on a singular issue. There are a lot of security consultants who have lots of experience but only in specific areas, always make sure you do your research to make sure you pick the right security consultants for you.


A process we use lots of our services, the Architectural Targeted Operating Model breaks down cybersecurity into 4 manageable sections: Risk Management, Strategy, Technology and Data, breaking it down this way not only helps a company understand their cybersecurity needs and risks much easier but it allows 6S to create a more focussed and strategic methodology when assessing and implementing changes to a client’s cybersecurity. We will go into the ATOM process a bit more later.

Behaviour Analysis

As we have mentioned throughout this piece, risks are not just down to the technology of a company and the protection they have, it’s also the people that are employed to manage the data or sensitive assets they have. Using behavioural analysis, your company can be more secure, in truth, if there was no human involvement in a system

Do I Need a Behavioural Analysis?

A Total Approach

We aim to give a business fully comprehensive security advice, this is why as part of our approach we start at the very bottom and work our way up. 


Penetration Testing is a function that we often use, where a “white hat” hacker, who is trusted by 6S, challenges your systems to look for vulnerabilities that may not be obviously visible and identifiable. A means of testing that may seem extreme to some but ultimately can be a necessary tool we use to give a business the protection they need.


Once we have identified the risks and vulnerabilities of your security, we suggest improvements to your security, equipment and procedures of your organisation in order to give it substantial protection.


Our services do not end there, we can continue to work with organisations and monitor their security over a period of time, ensuring that the continued practice of our recommendations is having the desired effect and efficiently protecting the security of your organisation.

compliance download


The ATOM procedure of our approach to security consultancy focuses on the four core processes: Risk Management, Strategy, Technology & Data.

We do it this way to simplify the process of assessing a businesses security while incorporating a rounded approach that incorporates every aspect that may pose a risk to security, rather than tackling and separating these aspects.


Using this method we use these processes to discover and identify the key people or groups of people that may directly affect the success of completing a project. Usually, this comes down to the financial control certain members have over an organisation and these members may have different views to the necessary level of finance needed to complete the project. This is why the ‘GAP Analysis’ is where it all starts, looking for the holes in a businesses security and creating the understanding that certain holes are deemed illegal and must be protected in order to avoid penalties. Other gaps are not mandatory to be fixed and are recommendations, however, we always promote that these gaps in security are protected. Not all processes are created equal and 6S’ ATOM is a process that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the world of security consultancy. It systematically calculates the risks at a broad level and targets each risk while ensuring a level of cohesion between all aspects of an organisation. From employees to the equipment they use.


AIPO or Asset In Process Out is the term we use to describe our overall asset management services that we carry out for organisations. While it can become a part of the processes that we carry out, we now create full turnkey solutions for a company’s asset management.


This type of asset management includes the security of multi storey car parks, where entry and exit barriers are electronically controlled rather than manned. It also includes intelligent people scanning, facial recognition and ANPR. 


What makes our approach to this different from other security consultants is due to our understanding of our customer’s requirements. We assess these needs and their overall operations before we make any decisions and recommendations on their asset management design or functionality.


We can create bespoke software for companies to effectively manage their assets in a way that suits them, while also following compliance laws and regulations. For example, we create middleware that transfers data from one system to another in order to process a customer and their information quicker. We use our experience to ensure that there is a connectivity between a business’ systems and keeping this information safe and free from potential breaches. 

When working with 6S on your asset management we provide four levels of service, we review your systems, we design the software to enhance and protect your system, we then deliver the equipment and then finally we will provide support to ensure that the delivery of our asset management is carried out appropriately. 

Other Considerations for Security Consultancy

Global Security Consultancy

What differentiates us from other security consultants is our passion to put our company’s skills into the hands of those who need it in order to give them the security that they require. This is why we go wherever our clients need us to be. We have had contracts in Ghana, Australia and Malaysia and in each case, we catered to their needs and their countries laws and regulations to create a solution that works for them. Our fundamental processes are still applied, taking us to the root of their needs which may not be apparent at first but are then targeted and efficiently managed.


We have said throughout this piece that compliance and the general protection of data is key. Under GDPR, organisations can outsource the role of a Data Protection Officer. As a result, 6S Global provides a Data Protection Officer as a service. This service allows us to carry out the protection and privacy of your businesses data which complies with legislation and laws regarding data protection. 

For organisations that want to have a hand in the protection of their data, we also provide COMPaaS compliance software that will manage and track your data compliance and safety. The system can integrate with all of your businesses security systems, allowing you to see areas of vulnerability within your businesses processes which leave you at risk of data breaches. On top of this, you can enjoy 24/7 support so you can have help when you need it most.

GDPR compliant

This piece is to show you a glimpse into the processes of 6S Global, what we stand for as a company and how we are different in comparison to other security consultancies. We have our own software that can help you be better protected from data risks, we also create software bespoke to the needs of our customers to provide them with a unique solution to their issue. 

Our pillars and processes in our approach to security consultancy are all-encompassing while simultaneously targeting every area that is needed to ensure the security of your business. There is no stone unturned and no risk not identified when you work with 6S Global, ultimately, we use this to empower businesses to take charge and take back control over their security and data protection. In a world where we are increasingly at risk of such attacks, we use our ever-growing experience to combat these risks and keep the security of your business safe.